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Our Management

Paolo Bonato


I was born in Trino (Vercelli), Italy, on March 1st, 1966. After achieving my diploma in Accountancy, I began working in the family business, where I oversaw buying of raw materials from various countries throughout the world. From 1996, in addition to the commercial aspect of the business, I was also responsible for the financial management of currency flows and of the relative cover of exchange rates. That’s where my interest in the foreign currency exchange market began, so much so that I continued to study and research, from both technical and economic points of view, the Forex world.

Over the years, I studied and developed a management method applicable to the stock options and Forex markets. Since 2006, I have worked constantly on the Wall Street markets of stock options and foreign exchange. In 2009, I accepted my first position as Trader at one of the most well know Italian brokers on the Forex market. In 2010, I moved to Dukascopy Banks, in Geneva, Switzerland, as an Asset Manager, where I consolidated by management model applied to the currency exchange market. In 2017, I am Managing Director and Chief Advisor of P.J. ZALMAN ADVISORS Ltd in London – a Financial, Commercial and Industrial Consulting Company.

I speak five languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, Hebrew). I’m married, and I have one son. I love sports in general, but my passion is the sea and sailboats.